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Kerizzma Steel

At Kerizzma Steel, our commitment lies in delivering superior quality materials to our valued clientele. Our extensive inventory encompasses both prime and B-Grade steel, including a diverse range of steel sections, tubing, beams, IPE’s, and channels. Additionally, we offer coils, steel sheets, and plates to cater to various industrial needs.

At Kerizzma Steel, our pride stems from our ability to seamlessly supply large quantities of precisely tailored products, enabling our clients to meet their project specifications effectively.

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Why choose us?

With over 30 years of steel industry experience, Kerizzma Steel is renowned for expertise in supplying exclusive steel products. We excel in large-scale orders with competitive pricing and unwavering quality.

Rather than a standard inquiry of “Do you require steel?”, our approach involves engaging with each client to discern their unique steel requisites. Over the years, we’ve cultivated enduring relationships by understanding and fulfilling the distinct product needs of our customers, some of whom have been with us for over a decade.

Services we offer

Cut to size

Precision-cut steel sections tailored to your exact specifications.

Cash & Carry

Convenience like never before with our on-site cash and carry service


Customized Components made to your exact specifications


Efficient delivery ensuring you get your orders on time all across S.A

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